Where were you in 1967? Were you in Oshawa? This project is taking a look at our local history from 1967 to see how we celebrated Canada’s 100th Birthday!

As a way to celebrate Canada’s 150th Celebrations we engaged with the community to gather our local history of the events that occurred during Canada’s 100th Celebrations here in Oshawa. We worked with amazing volunteers from the Oshawa Senior Citizens Center, our local library and our local recreation centers to gather our oral histories. We used a booklet that had events that occurred within Oshawa and the Expo in Montreal to help begin dialogue from our memories 50 years ago.

To complete a booklet please click the link:

Where Were You In 67 (edited copy) [5140]



“General Motors used to have a huge annual picnic at Lakeview Park for all GM employees and their families.” – Barbara Green

General Motors..

“We saw the Mackenzie voyageurs at lakeview park it was very impressive. They were on their way to the Mississippi river.” – Merle Cole

MacKenzie voyageurs..