Please view some short excerpts from the returned booklets below.

“I particularly remember the Canadian Pavilion (an upside down pyramid) the US pavilion (a giant geodesic dome designed by R Buckminster Fuller) and the Iranian pavilion which was a beautiful shade of blue.” – Joyce Carley

Canadian Pavilion..

“We saw the Mackenzie voyageurs at lakeview park it was very impressive. They were on their way to the Mississippi river.” – Merle Cole

MacKenzie voyageurs..

“My best memory is when the whole school dressed up in 1867 costume and we paraded through the neighbourhood.” – Karen Jordan

We paraded..

”The Queen wore a cream coloured dress and large trimmed hat and a beautiful smile.” – Joan Andrews

The Queen..

“General Motors used to have a huge annual picnic at Lakeview Park for all GM employees and their families.” – Barbara Green

General Motors..